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Live Video Revolution Review

The new revolution is here and it is live video revolution,this time I will be share with you this new awesome revolution so read this blog post about live video revolution review.
Every now and then a revolution is taking place you know about, the radio. It all started back in 1895 when the first wireless signal traveled from England to Newfoundland and changed our world forever. But it it didn’t stop there:
Live Video Revolution Review
Let’s fast forward to 1927 to the small lab in San Francisco where the television was born. Society no longer thought sound was enough, but wanted to binge watch animated pictures from their couch.
“Okay Nick, is this some sort of boring history essay?”
Let me explain…
In 1990 when the Internet was first launched (can’t believe it’s been this long)it turned out to be a lot more than just something to just veg out to on the couch and binge watch for many hours (guilty); but for the early adopters
it was a serious game changer.
Notice how I mentioned “early adopters”?
Yep, these were the ones that took full advantage of all of the tools that came about from this big thing we call the World Wide Web.
These were the ones that didn’t say, “Oh I wish I would have jumped on the Google Adwords bandwagon” or, “I wish I would have written a blog”or, “I wish I would have jumped onboard with Facebook sooner”…etc.
If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. With millions and millions of people using social media today you can bet there are many who will be missing out on what the next best thing will be.
Well, good news, my good friend and New York Times Best Selling Author Joel Comm happens to be an early adopter and has a real knack for knowing what the next big thing will be. So here is live video revolution review.
I’d like to invite you to a special training video where he’s going to show you exactly what you need to know be jumping on board instead of you saying 6 months from now, “Oh I wish I would have jumped on that bandwagon”

Live Video Revolution Review

It’s no wonder why so many people moved away from Cable and network T.V. and towards streaming networks such as Netflix and Hulu. When you can binge watch on demand by a simple click of the mouse, it’s like comparing the two to apples and oranges.
live video revolution review
But today, it seems that people are flocking elsewhere. There are millions of people who are moving away from scripted shows to real, raw live streaming. To watch people just like you and me on Periscope, Facebook Live, or Blab (commercial free!). 
This could ultimately be the death of cable and nonetheless streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix.
Live streaming video is so important because it’s the fastest way to engage with your audience on the most human way possible.It’s literally putting back the “social” in social media. 
New York Times Best Selling Author, Joel Comm has cracked the code when it comes to doing live video the right way. 
Check out this video above of him explaining live video revolution review.
Too many people pick up their mobile phones and do a live stream and immediately toss the idea out the window because they didn’t see an return on their investment. 
Connecting with real people, the world has changed live stream is upon it. Click here to watch this short presentation now.
P.S. If you don’t have any experience with doing live video or are scared to death of it, no worries, even beginners can implement the strategies you’ll be learning in this special video.
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